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Founded in 2008,Nanjing Qianpeng Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of silane coupling agents in China.

Our products are widely used in various resin-based composites and resin coating applications. The three main application areas are plastic & rubber, coating & sealant and other resin-based composite materials:

1. Plastic & Rubber application: including tires, shoe sole, other rubber goods, modified plastics (mineral filled, fiber glass reinforced, flame retardant, etc.), HFFR, XLPE, wire and cable, and inorganic mineral filler pretreatment & surface coating;

2. Coating & Sealant: including paint, coating, ink, colorant & pigment surface treatment, metal surface treatment, adhesive, sealant and other resin coating;

3. Other resin-based composite: including fiber glass, artificial quartz stone, resin sand casting, abrasive & grinding material, electrical insulation, textile auxiliaries.

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